First Look: Drawdle

DrawdleDrawdle is a quirky little game that requires you to throw stuff at balloons filled with Paint. Seems simple enough, right? Well, not exactly: The "stuff" actually has to be drawn by you and there are a lot of considerations going into each shape: Is it pointy enough to cut through that rope blocking the way? Will the balloon bounce of it at the right angle? When it hits that pin, will it start spinning?

Drawing it once you figured out the right shape can be a challenge in itself on devices with tiny screens, but thankfully the developer included a feature that frankly should be a requirement for every mobile game: you don’t have to complete every level to progress. The level selection screen always includes alternative routes with different levels.

The levels themselves look minimalistic, but are all competently designed with at least one way to solve them. Different mechanisms provide some fresh gameplay every couple of levels: Revolving doors, trampolines, fixed shapes, spikes and others. You’ll encounter all of them sooner or later.


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